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K-OS @ The Molson Amphitheater

   16 July 2005, terribly early in the morning

Dave and I saw K-OS perform tonight. The very talented John Legend opened for him. I hadn’t heard of John Legend before, but apparently he sings the hooks in all your favourite songs. K-OS put on a good show, with a entourage of B-Boys, a full band, and an excellent DJ all accompanying him. The third or forth song of the night was Commandante (track 6 on Joyful Rebellion), which begins with the words, “This is an Anthem.” For tonight, K-OS decided to throw in a, ”—as in Fuck George Bush,” before continuing with the rest of the song. The crowd, myself included, cheered. One of the members of K-OS’s band was from Scarborough. When K-OS mentioned this, it drew the loudest cheer of the night. I enjoyed the show a lot; K-OS is quite good. It is a shame that he has gotten so popular the only way to see him is in a huge venue like the Amphitheater. I like smaller venues much more.

I continued the night at the Horseshoe to see the Deadly Snakes (I missed the Tangiers) and then ended the night at Sneaky Dees, where I had a very satisfying Coke-a-Cola.



  1. which member of the band was from scarborough? it wasn’t a trombone player, was it?

  2. I’m sad that I got to spend my friday evening in a computer lab making 3d models and not at the only concert I ever wanted to go to.


  3. The percussionist that also played the tabla (and some other Indian drums).

  4. know what you mean sh!ma,
    I spent my friday cramming for exams and being sick. Very fun. :(

    K-OS, John Legend and Magneta, sounds like a craaazy +++ concoction of hypeness.

  5. Magneta Lane didn't play at this show, it was just Legend and K-OS. It was still quite good.

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