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My Leg, Feb 8th 2010

   21 February 2010, lunch time

This is what my leg looked like a few weeks ago. A car drove over my right leg. You can see where my Fibula and Tibia snapped. Now I have all sorts of metal under my skin holding everything together. It’s all kind of gross.

An x-ray of my broken leg

An x-ray of my broken leg



  1. Owwww. :(

  2. cringe.

  3. I squirmed a little when I saw that.

    I need to show this to all my friends who took anatomy and see if they can remember what bones are broken.

  4. OUCH Ram.

    I am cringing. How are you doing? Hugs my friend.

  5. youuuch. damn that looks super painful.

  6. Sick! Ram – I’m so glad you’re okay!

  7. Ooh, that looks horrible! I broke my tib/fib too this past October. I know this is three years old, but I hope you’ve healed fully :)

  8. I am in fact healthy! Thanks. Well, more or less. I probably should have done more pyhsio after I got my cast off, like I was supposed to. Oh well.

  9. That’s very creepy:). I’ve seen worst X-rays my friend had a worst beak then that. She broke her fib/Tibet

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