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My Sassy Girl

   16 January 2005, the wee hours

My Sassy Girl is one of the few Korean films I have seen. It may in fact be the only Korean film I’ve seen. That isn’t important I suppose. The movie is a romantic comedy. I won’t divulge any of the plot. Suffice it to say the leading lady is a very demanding women. The characters in the movie are both very charming. The film is enjoyable to watch, albeit sappy at times. If you are looking for a quirky film to check out, this one is definitely worth watching.

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  1. My Sassy girl was wicked. They made a prequel to it called Windstruck. That wasn’t as impressive but if you can sit through all of it you realize that its actually an amazing movie.

  2. Who exactly is the man sitting under the replacement tree when the girl returns for the time capsule? You can briefly see a UFO in the background which makes me wonder if he is from the future.

  3. I think thats just some random guy who likes sitting under trees. No real significant part, other then telling her that short story.

  4. I thought it was a gag of sorts, to shock the audience into thinking the lead character has spent his life waiting for this girl. I didn’t notice the UFO. Weird.

  5. That movie was genius! It brought a little tear to my eye.

  6. Tae Guk Gi is coming out in theatres here, or maybe it already is out, I don’t know.

    Here’s my only Korean film bookmark: korean film.

  7. It’s been said that the UFO was actually a time machine that Gyunwoo, as an old man, used to revisit his past. The old man also made a brief appearance near the beginning of the film when Gyunwoo and the Girl meet for the first time. So,the old man is Gyunwoo from the future.

  8. i love my sassy girl just like i like windstruck its a real great movie and i recommand you guys to watch it also. its real sad and emotional of course the cool part is its so funny like crazy. well its a gotta see movie to you guys who havent seen it. =]

  9. i have watch both movies (my sassy girl and windstruck). Both movies made me cry like a dork. Ehehehe. Actually the story seems ordinary to me, but the way it was interpreted and filmed was way beyond! Many viewers may actually think that windstruck is a prequel of my sassy girl. But if you will really focus on the scene where sassy girl’s old bf is doing all the things she wanted like giving her a rose in in her classroom, and please noticed that in windstruck he only met myungwoo personally when krunji is already working as a policewoman..I hope it clears off the idea that the two movies are in a way continuation of the other or something. Maybe their stories are nearly related but still whatever happens, both movies are great!

  10. ur ryt about the UFO theory. the old man from the future.

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