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Photography is a thing I used to do

   20 December 2012, late evening

I thought after having Mythilli the number of photographs I would take would increase, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I used to be an avid photographer. At some point I stopped being one. I had some sort of crisis of faith, I suppose.

One of the last lines in Six Feet Under is, “You can’t take a picture of this. It’s already gone.” Photography is an artistic pursuit, but it’s also a documentary one. Photography is all about capturing a moment in time. Well, sort of.

I used to take lots of photos at concerts I went to and then I more or less just stopped. When I watch people photographing a concert now I find they look ridiculous. You are a few feet from a band, watching them play through some shitty LCD screen or viewfinder. Sometimes you should just stop and enjoy the experience.

I think about this a lot when taking pictures of my baby.

All of that said, I should take photographs again. I quite like it. And every so often I take a photograph that is pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.



  1. Just to be clear, I was not stealing her milk. She was complaining that nothing was coming out and so I was trying to see if she was a big fat lier or not.

  2. I don’t take photos as seriously anymore either and I blame the few years I took all my photos in raw. Post processing takes too much time.

    Also was mythilli lying about the milk?

  3. I still take everything in RAW, but I rarely post-process beyond (auto-levels / auto-white-balance). I spent a bunch fixing that M4 I bought, so I also feel compelled to take a bunch of photos using that camera now.

  4. You really should give me one of your leica’s. Or your bessa.

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