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Rachael Yamagata @ El Mochomambo

   26 October 2004, the wee hours

Rachael Yamagata didn’t have the breasts to pull off the top she was wearing. Thankfully, that is really the only bad thing I can say about the girl and her show tonight. She put on a great performance tonight.

Tyler told me about the show yesterday. He said it started at 7:00 and that the act would be good. I went to her web site and heard some Fiona Apple sounding tune; I was definitely in the mood for something like that. I left work late and decided to go straight to El Mocambo , where the show was supposed to be. In terms of my token usage that was a good call, but this meant I didn’t have my camera on hand. Oh what a dumb-ass I can be.

The show was hosted by her label, BMG, so it was free and catered. That was a first for me. I imagine there were people from the press at the show who they were trying to impress. I want to get invited to stuff. I’ll need to figure out how to go about making that happen.

Rachael Yamagata was fantastic. I really hope she gets some air play when her CD comes out. I find it depressing that all these ‘I can act like a pop-star’ singers are rich and famous while there is plenty of serious talent that remains untapped, and will most likely never get the audience they deserve. I think Rachael Yamagata is some what reminiscent of Alanis Morisette, and as I mentioned earlier, Fiona Apple. Vocally I found her very similar to Fiona Apple. Her backing band were also great. I thought the lead guitarist was quite impressive. I think my brother would have liked to have seen this set.

El Mocambo is a cool venue. I’ll definitely have to check it out again. Apparently the booking agent for the club is quite renowned. If you are looking for some good live music, this might be a great place to go check out.



  1. Man, what a terrible way to start a blog post.

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