A painting of me

She Keeps, Standing There

   9 April 2005, terribly early in the morning

I saw three bands tonight. The last of the three was Magneta Lane, who I had seen a couple months back at the Drake Hotel. They’re my band of the moment, probably because they remind me of my most favouritest band ever, Elastica: they both play short songs, and there are 3 girls in each band. Actually, Elastica had a 4th member, a guy, but that’s neither here nor there. Actually, I think Magneta Lane are probably more reminiscent of Hole than Elastica. Well, actually, I think making comparisons like this is probably a little silly, but what can you do? Perhaps I can work the word actually into one more sentence? Here goes: I actually think I simply like the band’s melancholy lyrics. I am a fan of all things vaguely depressing after-all.

She keeps, standing there, waiting to be noticed.

In-between sets, I would head upstairs to chat with Matt and Neil, who were spinning for their Dynamite Soul night. It was a quiet night for them, so I got a chance to chat with them both, which was nice.



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