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The TTC Are On Strike

   8 April 2005, evening time

The TTC are on strike as of Monday next week. Son of a bitch.

Update: No they aren’t. Wicked.



  1. How far is your commute?

  2. It’s a half hour from my place to work by the TTC. My boss offered to drive me in, since i’m sort of on his way, which was nice of him. I’m hoping the TTC strike doesn’t actually happen. My week will be really boring if I’m stuck at home. Though I can probably catch up on things I should be doing instead of going out.

  3. you seen this Ram? Supposed to be some proposed design…I like the idea. Like a presumptive line out to Pearson makes sense taken in the context of this scheme.

    not-real TTC map

  4. Yeah, I linked to it a while ago, but my link died. I wish that was real. Yesterday, the bus I was taking home broke down on the highway.

  5. It’s absolutely fabulous living on the subway line. :P

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