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Shima at Mike's 2003

   29 April 2009, evening time

Shima at Mike's

I took this photo a week or so after I met Shima. We’re at my friend Mike’s house for a Konichiwa Japan event — it was cooking day. It’s the very first picture I have of her. It’s not particularly good, since I had to take it secretly. Shima didn’t like it when I took her picture then. (I suppose she doesn’t now, either, though she gets much less angry about it.) In the background is Toshi, who is now back in Japan. On the right is my friend Mike, who passed away from cancer a few years ago. (I know too many people who have died of cancer.) The night I met Shima properly I had come to V2 to meet Mike, who was visiting one of Shima’s friends. He disappeared — more or less — when I arrived with my friend Yathavan, so I ended up hanging out with Shima and her friends. And the rest is history.



  1. I know this is a crazy rare personal kind of posting for you. I have to say, these things are so much more welcome and interesting for their rarity.

  2. I second Ben’s thought.

    I think I met Mike through Shima and Liz. Mike gave me a ride once to CLT back when I was in first year. The last time I saw him was during the great Blackout in August 2003. I was going to walk to North York from King and Bathurst and Mike honked at me. He offered a ride, but he was going to a different direction.

    That is a nice memory.

  3. Yeah, sometimes you have to switch it up or the site becomes this soulless link-blog. I was looking up a photograph for Krishna which I took back in 2004, so I thought i’d look up this photo too.

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