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Solarized Dark Theme for Alfred

   19 March 2013, late evening

My solarized theme

Update Mar 19th 2013: Added a new theme for v2 of Alfred. I’m still using it after all thees years, and it’s still really great.

I’ve been using Alfred for a couple months now. Alfred lets you theme the look and feel of its search window. One of the first things I did after discovering the lovely Solarized colour scheme was make an Alfred theme with the same colour palette. I’m still not sure of my choice of accent colours, but I think it looks sharp. I’ll probably make a light version later. Back to work!

Download: Solarized-Dark.alfredtheme for Alfred v1 or Solarized-Dark.alfredappearance for Alfred v2



  1. I’m in the process of Solarizing everything. Thanks :D

  2. Thanks!

  3. NICE~! Can you hook me up with a Solarized textmate colour scheme?

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