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Team North Korea

   15 June 2010, mid-afternoon

It must suck to have to play Brazil in your first match at the World Cup. North Korea did surprisingly well, all things considered. Their defense in the first half was pretty solid; in the second half both goals by Brazil were pretty damn good: I think most teams would have been hard pressed to stop them. North Korea’s goal against Brazil was also pretty impressive. I’m happy that they weren’t shut out. On the whole it seemed like a very friendly game. When players were knocked down they’d help each other up. People weren’t faking fouls. (It will be interesting to see how this game compares to the one they will have to play against Portugal.) It was a very enjoyable game to watch. Now I can concentrate.



  1. re: friendly, I thought the whole game was going to go by without a single yellow card.

    that first Brazilian goal was incredible. I later called it the zero-degree challenge. Great game.

  2. I guess it’s still early in the tournament. I guess all the players know it’s a big deal for these North Korean players to be out of their country playing at the world cup too. I really liked that whole game. I wish soccer was like that more often.

    That first goal was great. They both were pretty solid. When Brazil are good they are good.

    The Spain / Switzerland game today was also quite good. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of stupidness, and both teams were playing really well. There were so many close goals.

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