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The Burning Crusade - January 12th?

   13 January 2007, late afternoon

The Burning Crusade box.

I picked up a copy of the first World of Warcraft expansion, the Burning Crusade, today at Wal-Mart. It was pretty pricey, at $55, but I thought it best to get it now before they all sell out. Buying an expansion for a video game isn’t exciting in and of itself, but today’s purchase is interesting because the game isn’t supposed to be out till January 16th. Maybe they aren’t strict about that? I’m guessing my Wal-Mart (at Dufferin Mall) got a bunch of copies early. I am going to try and install it now and see what happens. Lets see if I can make a Blood Elf Paladin. My Warlock is three levels away from 60 now, thanks to Gary’s help last night. I need to get to level 58 before I can cross the Dark Portal and enter the Outlands. It’s really not as nerdy as it sounds — well, no, it really is I suppose.

Update: The install went fine, and I just upgraded my account. However, I can’t make a Blood-Elf or Draenei. I guess I’ll have to wait till Tuesday.

Update: WoW Insider lament their inability to snag an early copy of the game. I think if you are looking to grab the expansion early, finding shops staffed by 40 years olds who have no interest in video games is key.

Update: I’m the first Blood Elf on Eitrigg.

What's in the Burning Crusade box.



  1. is the dufferin mall the one in North York, Ontario, Canada?

  2. Dufferin Mall is just south of Bloor on Dufferin — which is in Toronto proper.

  3. Wow Insider calls you “Ranaman,” huh?

  4. I noticed that too, but it is such a chore to contact then. Well, enough of a chore I haven’t emailed them yet.

    Ranaman sounds like a He-Man villain.

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