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First Blood Elf on Eitrigg

   16 January 2007, the wee hours

My new WoW character.

I’m the first Blood Elf on Eitrigg — my new character is Satyavati. Me and Yemeria are the only two Blood Elves on Eitrigg so far. (It is a very trippy experience running around an empty starting area.) I’ve gotten tons of in game “whispers” asking me about what it’s like to be a Paladin and a Blood Elf. Having played for all of 15 minutes, I’m not sure I’m qualified to say. I suppose a Paladin feels like the exact opposite of a Warlock. I’m liking playing one so far, but I really haven’t done anything yet. Being the first Blood Elf Paladin isn’t much of an accomplishment. By tomorrow there are going to be hundreds and hundreds. This post exists to note that for a very brief moment in time, there was just one: me.

I sent my Warlock off into the Outlands. Lets just say it’s a bit mental on the other side of the Dark Portal. Infernals keep falling out of the sky. I’m now camped in Thrallmar, trying to decide if I should quest in the Outlands or not.

I’ll stop talking about WoW soon. I promise. You can see more screen shots from WoW over on my Flickr account.



  1. How is the expansion? I thought you were a warlock? You made a new character?

  2. Yeah I was planning on making a Blood-Elf Paladin for a while now. I think everyone was, since this is the first time you can play them. I sent my Warlock off to the Outland.

  3. I’m pretty sure they won’t terminate your account. What they might do is remove you from the “public” stream. AFKGamer uses Flickr just to host screenshots from WoW.

  4. Don’t hold me to that, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. That is how they dealt with people posting Second Life screenshots. They do this for people who post their art work as well. I am not sure why they are so anal about it. Another trick is to have other people mark a few of your photos “may offend”. They’ll take you out of the public stream. You can find more information here: Why aren't my photos showing up?

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