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The Coma

   21 June 2006, lunch time

I bought the novel The Coma a few weeks back because it is written by the fellow who wrote the screenplay for 28 Days Later, and because it was really cheap. I like buying books that are 80% off at Indigo. You can get it at Indigo for $7—in hardcover no less. I don’t want to tell you much about the novel’s plot, because its twists and turns are probably the best thing about it. I will tell you the book starts with a vicious beating that leaves a man in a coma, and continues from there. It’s quite short, and can be finished quite quickly. I read it on my commute to work over the course of a few days. The book is really quite interesting; it’s very well thought out—at least I thought so. If you are looking for something to read, I recommend you check this out.

I’m reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell now. It’s a very different book, which reminds me a bit of Quicksilver in its pacing. I am enjoying the book so far.



  1. I spent months reading Strange and Norrell, mostly because I found it very hard to get into. It is worth reading and finishing, I found the last third to be quite excellent and I burned through that part quickly. The hard part for me was getting there.

  2. alex garland also wrote the beach which is one of my favorite pieces of fiction (though i read next to no fiction).

    ram, you’d probably love that book as it has lots of references to playing gameboy and makes street fighter analogies.

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