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World Cup 2006

   22 June 2006, early evening

The football being played this world cup is really quite phenomenal. I just watched the last 10 minutes of the Australia-Croatia game. (We have a television set up in the kitchen.) Holy shit that was intense—and really violent. There were yellow and red cards being handed out like it was valentines day. The Ghana-US game was really great too; it was awesome to see them win. Its nice to see teams from outside Europe and South America really stepping up their game.



  1. The australians need to realize this isn’t Rugby. Or Australian Football.

    Lets get together to watch some games. I watch some everyday. I’ll be in Ottawa this weekend, otherwise you could come watch the Argentina game…

  2. Um, Juan. WTF are you talking about? Last time I checked football is a contact sport. And if your opponents are going to drop and flail on the ground, crying for fouls because somebody was breathing on them, you might as well kick them.

    I am looking forward to the Italian players missing their appointments at the hair-dressers so Australia sends them packing.

  3. I love getting yellow cards on Valentine’s day.

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