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The Darjeeling Limited

   28 January 2009, mid-morning

Shima and I watched The Darjeeling Limited last night. (Well, I watched it, she would occasionally look up from her knitting to see what was going on.) The film is the latest work by Wes Anderson, and something I had been meaning to see for some time now. I’m a big fan of Anderson’s films. The Darjeeling Limited is about three estranged brothers who are reunited in India in order to travel on spiritual journey organized by the oldest of the three. The movie covers similar themes to Anderson’s other works: estranged families, loss, death, dysfunctional love, etc. The problem I had with the film is that at times it feels like a parody of Anderson’s earlier movies. The movie is sad in the quiet way all of Anderson’s movies are sad, but the movie just didn’t have the same weight his other movies carry: it felt too light. Regardless, it is still an enjoyable film. There are lots of great moments and scenes in the film. The soundtrack is great, as usual. Visually the movie is beautiful. I look forward to whatever Anderson comes up with next.

The official The Darjeeling Limited web site.

Update: I forgot! The film also features British Tamil actress Amara Karan. (Who’s real name is apparently Karunakaran.) She’s quite charming in the movie.



  1. Hi.
    I rather agree with you, re: The Darjeeling Limited. I was initially disappointed, when i saw it in the theater. I had been looking forward to that film since i first saw the pre-production info on IMDB.

    But, i advise that you watch it again. Although, just like Steve Zissou, i didn’t like the film on the first viewing, i do enjoy it more and more with subsequent viewings. Maybe it’s just that my expectations are more realistically set – i dunno. I thought Zissou was horrible, and a tremendous waste of the huge budget, but now when i see it, i think it’s cute.

    I suppose i have to be more realistic and practical and realize that not everything Anderson produced will be ‘genius.’ The movies are still beautiful to watch, and quirky-funny, but it’s unlikely they will be as good as Rushmore or Tenenbaums. If the next one IS as good, i’ll just be happily surprised.

  2. I loved Zissou the first time I saw it, and I like it more each time I see it. It’s strange what people like and don’t like. I’ll definitely have to watch this movie again, but it is the first of his films that hasn’t had the appeal right off the bat of his other movies, at least for me.

  3. Watching the film again, it’s certainly better than my initial take on it. I still think it’s his weakest film, though.

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