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Ugly Betty

   15 October 2007, early evening

Shima and I finished watching the first season of Ugly Betty last night. The show is actually quite entertaining. It’s a very over the top soap opera of sorts: most of the time its quite funny, with the occasional poignant moment thrown in for good measure. There is a long and convoluted story arc for the first season with tons of twists and turns: like any good soap the show features plenty of love triangles, murder, etc. This also makes it difficult to sum up the show in one line. I enjoyed Ugly Betty much more than I thought I would. The characters on the show are all really good, which is what makes it work. (I think I like Amanda the most. She’s hot which is a plus, and she has a cool accent.) The season ends with what feels like a million different cliff hangers. I can’t wait to start Season 2.

(The show originated in Colombia. It was brought to the US market by Salma Hayek and some other dudes.)



  1. I love Ugly Betty— that’s why my thursday nights are very busy.

    I really like Amanda too—specifically Amanda and Mark together.

  2. I love Ugly Betty too! I like the little kid Justin.

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