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Wedding Season

   14 June 2010, early morning

My friend Ryan was married this past Saturday. Shima and I ventured back to Waterloo for the weekend. It’s always nice being back. We had wanted to go to Jane Bond, but it was sadly closed at lunch time. I guess i’m still glad it’s open at all. I remember scoping it out with my friends Linh and Tiffany a few days before Valentines to see if it was a good date spot: it was.

Ryan’s wedding was the first I’ve been to in a very long time where I didn’t have a camera on me. How did I forget my camera? You’ll just have to believe me when I say it was a very nice ceremony. They were married in Verses, which is a church that has been converted into a fine dining restaurant — which was converted back in to a church for the ceremony and then back into a restaurant for the reception.

So began our 3 weekends of weddings. (I remember when I thought 3 in one summer was a lot.) I’m excited. Who doesn’t like getting married in June? Two years ago today Shima and I got married. It doesn’t feel that long to me. I’ve enjoyed it all. (Even the broken leg doesn’t seem that bad.)

If you need advice on how to have a happy and successful marriage for at least 2 years, i’m your man.



  1. zomg you forgot your camera! I would’ve loved to see how the restaurant made the double transition, especially for the ceremony. I remember Verses having great food, but the cavernous space made it feel a little impersonal.

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary Ram and Shima.



  3. Thanks for coming. I can’t believe you forgot your camera either! :-)

  4. Hey Ram how is the leg?

  5. I can walk pretty fine now. So it’s probably like 85% recovered, or something like that. I still can’t run.

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