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A Word Count plugin.

   10 May 2004, the wee hours

There was a request in the Textpattern forum for a word count plugin. I got to work on one shortly after reading the post, because it sounded like something that would be easy to do. The result of my work is this plugin. This is my firsrt plugin for Textpattern. My next goal is to make some of the modifications I made to this site into plugins. As it stands, upgrading to the next version of Textpattern is going to be a pain in the ass.

Update: My plugin works, but I have switched to using Plek’s Word Count plugin as it gives slightly more accurate numbers.



  1. Cool idea for a plug-in, I was looking at bloggers and seeing the word count in their profiles and I thought it was a cool idea. Then I read this post. Anyways, I’ll give it a try.


  2. May I suggest… a total word count of all articles?

  3. thank you, again :)

  4. Hey, second plugin from you that I installed today! And I think I’m going to try a couple more too before I hit the bed :)


  5. First of all: Great plugin!

    However, the “total_word_count” part of the plugin seems to return the total number of characters in the posts, not the total number of words. At least as of RC3 (revision 240+ something).

  6. Thanks. This is a known bug: I should update this page to say as much. Actuallly, If you search the textpattern forum, there is another word count plug-in that gives you a more accurate count. I think this is the oldest plug-in, but there are better ones now.

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