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Del.icio.us Links Are Here To Stay

   8 May 2004, terribly early in the morning

I figured out how to display the links I store at del.icio.us here at this site as well. Currently, you can view them on the links page.

What’s going on? How does this all work? Why, I’m glad you asked.

  1. When I find a link I like, I can make note of it with the del.icio.us bookmarklet. The site will then be saved at my del.icio.us home page.
  2. I found a python script that will query del.icio.us for the links you saved on a given day. I modified the script so that it will instead find the last 10 links you saved. The links are retrieved and formated into a small snippet of HTML, which gets saved on my computer. This file is then securely copied to funkaoshi.com using scp. Running python program and copying the file I made into a shell script.
  3. The shell script gets run 4 times a day using cron. cron is a program that will run jobs at times you schedule. I didn’t know how cron worked previously, but thankfully it is quite simple to use. I found a great site that taught me enough to get by.

What I would ultimately like to do is have a bookmarklet that will let me quickly save links in textpattern, and post those links to del.icio.us. Update: I have done this!

I’m quickly running out of things I can think of to do with this site. I will probably start reading Quicksilver shortly.



  1. the iTunes for iPods page is pretty interesting.

  2. Stop now and start reading! Quicksilver is a great read, even if it is a “middle” book. I can’t wait for the third volume…

    I am still working on some ideas for integrating del.icio.us with my Txp site, particularly for the /linklog/ section which I would like to get running automatically…

  3. Quicksilver is the first, I haven’t even got to Confusion yet. The story was quite slow, but I’m hoping it picks up. Shatoe hasn’t shown up yet, and I imagine once he does things will get interesting.

    This set up works well. If I can run scripts on my host, and use cron there, then I will try and write something that will insert the links into the txp database. My knowledge of python is a bit limited, but I imagine I can get something working soon.

    Also, don’t leave the first entry in a cron script as a *, or your script will run every minute. Not that I did that.

  4. My bad… Quicksilver picks up speed pretty quickly, though I found it generally hilarious (and sometimes revolting). The Confusion (which I have on the brain, apparently) is a bit slower in parts, but only because it involves some rather intricate plotting (the book and on the part of the characters).

    I will be working on a similar script to post my links to Txp…

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