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   28 April 2004, terribly early in the morning

I’ve started working on an archive page for this site. Right now, you can read older posts by the section they are in, or the category they are in, or both.

Now, some of you may be wondering why there aren’t any date based archives. The creator of textpattern, Dean Allen, isn’t a fan of them, so they aren’t a part of textpattern. I may try and add date based archives at some point in time, but I think with the search box and the categories and sections, they aren’t needed. Any opinions on this?

Lex Konrad, who runs Naked Loft Party (NSFW) managed to get date based archives and URLs working quite nicely. So, if I have time, I may and try to mimic what he has done. As it stands though, I think I may stop mucking around with this site. I would say it is pretty complete now.



  1. pretty much complete? a site is NEVER complete heh. 1 vote for date based archives hehe

  2. It’s true. I can keep mucking with this thing forever. I’m so obsessed.

  3. i think all your mucking has been worthwhile. i wish my site was half of what you have here. in fact, i wish more sites were half of what you have here.

  4. This archive thing might be buggy for a bit, since I’ve been mucking around with the categories on my site.

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