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No more tables

   24 April 2004, early evening

Windows users, you’re going to have to live with an ugly layout for a few days while I figure out why IE doesn’t display my page properly. I think it is probably the same issue I was having with my old page, where floated divisions were overlapping for no good reason. Hopefully this won’t take me long to fix.

I know some of you out there may think I should do all my revisions on my local machine, and have them ‘go live’ when they are done. I think so too.

Update: Thanks to the help of a fellow called Hass in the textpattern support forum, the site is now table free. I feel so much cleaner. I do need an extra division, but I can live with that for the time being.

Update: So, now that I don’t have any tables cluttering the HTML on this page, I will try and make some alternate layouts which you guys can pick between. I’ve done one so far, which was basically a touch up of the default textpattern layout. If you click on the debug link, you can see what the pages from a default textpattern install look like, more or less.

Update: I’ve reset the debug section back to the default layout.



  1. Maybe it’s the css box model bug in IE where it doesn’t handle the size properly.

    Anyways, yeah unemployment rocks.

  2. I think so yeah. IE is the biggest piece of shit. The biggest.

  3. IE6 renders shity if you have a proper xml heading at the start of your page—ie. . What a stupid program. The page will render a bit nicer now. I’ll need to looking to this more though.

  4. Almost no tables. The main page still uses tables, because I haven’t figure out how to make the page display how I want. I’m going to make two other alternate style sheets once I get this problem fixed.

  5. Thanks for the mention, Ramanan! I like your background color and your uncluttered fron t page here. I’m juists tarting out, anything up on my site is just experimenting right now. I have a journal that’s been going for a month at hasan.gopages.net also, I’ve been hand-coding that one (no Textpattern, I just started playing with that two days ago…).
    Hey, how did you keep textile from spitting out BR tags everywhere?

  6. I’ve only made one change to textile, which was the one suggested by thekonel to stop textile from putting paragraph tags everywhere. Check out the TXP forum thread here

    The other change I made was in taghandlers file. I changed it so that the recent comments are displayed with their text, wrapped in a div. I used to do this with MT, and I wanted a similar feature with TXP.

    Where are you seeing all these tags. I haven’t noticed textile doing that yet.

  7. I must have done something by accident, it’s working fine now. I’ll check in on your site later, thanks man. Hey, we need to work on this page now, it’s a little sloppy looking in Firefox.

  8. Yeah. I know it looks more more sloppy then the actual default. I need to figure out a better layout for the lists, and i’ll probably not display the thumbnail or move it elsewhere, since it looks so out of place right now. This was more a ‘proof of concept’, just to see that i could change the layout and not the xhtml.

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