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Boring Comments

   1 December 2004, early evening

I’m not one to erase comments, but I will if someone posts something I think is thoroughly uninteresting, on a post I made several months ago. For example “o brother where art thou wasn’t that good either” made by an anonymous coward on my post about the Ladykillers qualifies as a thoroughly uninteresting comment made on a post I made several months ago. You can’t find the comment itself anymore because I erased it.



  1. comment spam

  2. I thought so at first, but it was like a sort of on topic comment, with no home page linked. I’ve also received two comments which were on topic and linked to sites which were obviously the subject of spam emails and comments.

  3. Have you got the comment spam where it’s lines from Shakespeare?

  4. Oh. That comment was suppose to be a (self-referential) affront to your post; not really the question “Comment spam?”. But I guess my lack of sentance formating made it ambiguous.

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