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   16 November 2004, lunch time

Sometimes I wonder why people who visit my site are still using Internet Explorer. Of course, not everyone out there is aware that Netscape has been reborn as Phoenix Firebird Firefox. However, I expect people who read this site must be aware of Firefox’s existence; I’ve mentioned the browser several times here. There are of course plenty of reasons why people are not using Firefox: people browsing at work who are not allowed to install Firefox; people who love getting spyware; people who aren’t allowed to install new software on their own computers; I actually can’t think of other reasons.

I have noticed the following bugs in the way my site is displayed when viewed in Internet Explorer 6:

  • Margin/Padding at the top of each link-log entry is too big. I suspect this is a first-child bug.
  • Dashed borders instead of dotted borders separate posts and link-log blocks. Internet Explorer can’t display dotted borders.
  • There is no margin at the bottom of the page. The box white box my posts are all inside rests right against the bottom of the browser window.
  • There are two borders displayed at the top of the definition list used to display my archive listing. This is another first-child bug.
  • The way the lists display on my links page is strange.
  • The way recent comments display is ugly to say the least.

I hope to fix these bugs shortly. Have you noticed any other quirks? No, of course you haven’t, because you use a good web-browser; Nice job!



  1. I think I’m going to have to uninstall IE from my brother’s computer.

  2. Good tip to help eliminate border/margin/padding issues with all browsers?

    * { margin:0; padding:0; border: 0; }

    Then just define the padding and borders that you actually want. Takes a couple of minutes to get the margins back on lists and stuff, but definately worth it, especially when starting fresh on designs.

  3. Cool idea.

    I definitely need to clean things up here. I’ve made changes so slowly since the site first went up that my CSS file which was once nice and neat is a bit off a mess.

    My first order of business is revamping my photoblog I think.

  4. how do you actually uninstall IE? i’ve very curious.

  5. Blow away Windows and install Linux. ;-)

    I don’t think you can uninstall IE 100%. It is integrated into the OS (e.g. it backs “My Documents”, etc.)

  6. Firefox was partly created by a sophomore student here at stanford, I think he’s hoping to strike it big by having someone buy out his company. (i.e M$) lol. It always feels as if the dot com bubble never really bursted here, it seems like almost everyone is trying to get a startup going.

  7. You can’t uninstall IE. It can’t be physically removed.

  8. How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 6


  9. > You can’t uninstall IE. It can’t be physically removed.

    When I was still using Windoze (I’m working under Linux now, of course with FF) I simply deleted the entire IE directory (and, maybe, the related registry entries).

  10. Have probelsm w/ IE and CSS .. one of my sites display well on Netscape, Opera and Firefox .. but not on IE. =P

    Oh well .. can’t force anyone to switch. Put a firefox link on your site! =)

  11. I hate all that “Best Viewed in ….” stuff though. The site should look the same to everyone. I mean, that’s the whole point of HTML right. Ideal Microsoft would a make a browser that is standards compliant. One day.

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