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Comments - Part 2

   10 May 2005, late at night

So, as you may recall (probably not) I mucked around with the way comments are displayed here many months ago because the way they were being displayed bugged me. Frankly, the way they are being displayed now still bugs me. That said, Shima approves, so I think I’m at a point where I can leave things alone. I’m back to using ordered lists again, behind the scenes anyway. Some time last night, I had a version up that used definition lists. It looked a bit strange. Please comment here if you can’t stand the new scheme. There are so many sites out there that do a great job with displaying user-feedback. One day, I will copy one of those sites. Till then…



  1. Can I nitpick? There’a a comment count in your RSS entries, which creates duplicate entires (if your reader happend to archive posts). The behaviour can be bothersome if your feeds refresh at timed intervals (coming to your computer and there are a few copies of the same post).

    But I’m sure in a live RSS feed, this would look fine, so the reader would know which entries to click-through on. I can never decide which I prefer.

  2. I’ll get rid of the comment count. I didn’t know it would duplicate entries like that.

  3. Just fyi: the permlink for this post in your Atom feed is http://funkaoshi.com/debug/comments—-part-2, which leads to a 404 error. Looks like a mismatch in your stripSpaces() method.

    Also, at the risk of Speculating About New Textpattern Features, which is a Really Bad Idea: you might see some new code soon that makes formatting the comment display much easier.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I actually changed the URL title of the post after I first posted it; so I imagine some people are being pointed to the old (non-existent) URL. Glad to hear things may change with respect to comments. I’m looking forward to the 1.0 release of Textpattern.

  5. Italics look pretty bad on-screen. I think you should change that.

  6. Agreed. It’s not so bad on my Mac, but I would agree it’s pretty ugly on my PC at work.

  7. The borders at the bottom of each comment don’t show up in IE. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

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