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   7 June 2005, the wee hours

I’ve added another listing to the archive page; you can now browse the top 20 most commented on posts at this site. I don’t think these posts contain the best comments I’ve received here, or are in anyway the most interesting things I’ve posted here, but for whatever reason they generated the most disucssion. I will continue to add little listings like this to the archive page in the hopes that it will be of interest to people who stumble on this site and want a quick primer on what the site is like.



  1. Since you brought it up…(a) what posts contain the best comments and (b) what are the most interesting things that you posted? ;-)

  2. Here are a few of the posts I’ve made that I like: My Name is Lexi, Testing Memory Allocation Failure, All The Shah’s Men, Two Hours. I’m not sure what the most interesting things I linked to are, or the comments I think are most interesting are. There are too many posts to go through.

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