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Comments - Part 3

   20 October 2005, mid-morning

I’ve changed the way my comments are displayed—again. Let me know of any visual glitches. the comments should display like they have been thus far, except the comments are now surrounded by a faint orange border, and all have an even fainter orange back ground. I think this is actually how they looked the very first time I changed things, only the backgrounds were brighter then. I plan to have my comments display differently again, once I get around to figuring out how to do so in Textpattern. If you hate the new scheme, or see any visual glitches, please leave a comment.



  1. I think the recent comments feed doesn’t work…doesn’t seem to work for me in bloglines at least.

    And whatever changes you make, make ‘em use fancy javascript to slide in or dissolve in or possibly both.

  2. There is no recent comments feed. I know it says there is, but there isn’t. The section and category specific feeds are one of the things that broke when I upgraded. I think that will be next on my things to fix here.

    I’m not actually sure how to do a proper recent comments feed in textpattern. I didn’t actually have one before. The recent comments feed would subscribe you to posts I file under the comments section. I don’t file posts under comments ever.

  3. i like it dude. i think i might have to change up how my comments look.

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