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Feed Auto-discovery

    5 February 2005, late morning

The smart auto-discovery links are working now, but slightly differently than what is outlined below.

I’ve mucked around with the feed auto-discovery links on my site. Before every page on my site had links to two feeds for my site; the feeds only differed in their format, one being RSS, the other being Atom. I don’t post links to my two feeds directly, since clicking on either would just take you to a page of gibberish. A good feed reader will let you subscribe to the feeds for my site given just my site’s URL.

I’ve since tried to make the auto-discovery links aware of the section and category you are in. (I’ve also cleaned up the URLs for linking to feeds.) If you are reading my movie category and you want to subscribe to my movie related posts, you can just copy that link in to your feed reader, and it will subscribe (hopefully) to one of the following two feeds:

  • http://funkaoshi.com/rss/category/movies/
  • http://funkaoshi.com/atom/category/movies/

There are some bugs I need to fix; currently you can subscribe to feeds that have no content, like the feed for my links page. I’ll hopefully tidy this up over the weekend and post more details on what I did (as well as the plug-in I made).

The most important point is that you can now subscribe to particular sections or categories of my site. If for example, you find yourself saying, “Man, Ram’s links suck ass!”, you can subscribe to just my blog and debug posts. If you just want to know when I write about a restaurant, you can subscribe to my restaurant category’s feed.



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