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Banh Design Can Go Fuck Themselves

   11 February 2005, evening time

Ladies, cover your ears eyes. Fuck. I was being spammed by the cunts at Banh Design are fuckers. It might be silly to call-out a comment spammer, but this is the first time I’ve received spam on my Textpattern site. I think the fucker is entering the stuff by hand since it is all coming from the same IP. Now, the question I have is, why does Textpattern have a ban-comments-from-ip feature if it doesn’t do anything?



  1. How effective is banning the ip address? No wonder it doesn’t work.

    You could have tried with the .htaccess file though.

  2. i feel your pain ramanan, i do.


  3. Next time; I just sat there and erased them as he posted them, and then turned off commenting on any post for something like 10-15 minutes. I think that was the aggravating part. If it was a bot at least that personal element to the spamming isn’t there.

  4. ya, i’ve been getting like 10 comment spams a day for poker websites. assholes. So i banned the words “poker” and “hold em”. That did the trick.

    Luckily Wordpress 1.5 adds the no-follow clause on its links so even if the filter misses it, the only benefit they get is pissing me off.

  5. Yeah. All the links here are marked with no-follow, so spamming my comments serves no real purpose. I have some keywords blocked in my .htaccess file to stop referrer spam; no filters on what people can post in comments.

  6. The IP ban code will be fixed in Textpattern 1.0.

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