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Short URLs

   11 August 2009, late morning

If you have been paying attention to the internet recently, you may have learned that tr.im is shutting down. tr.im was a URL shortening service, like bit.ly, tinyurl.com, is.gd, etc. tr.im had a winning url, but apparently that’s not enough to make it as a URL shortening service. One problem with URL shortening services is being illustrated right now. At some point in the not too distant future all these tr.im links are going to be dead, despite the fact what they point to is still up and running. It’s probably a better idea for sites themselves to provide short URLs for those cases where they are actually useful (for example, posting links to twitter). So, with that in mind, all the posts on funkaoshi now have short URLs. Right now they are exposed in the shorturl link element in the HTML header for each article on this site. I’ll put them up some place more visible shortly. I need to set things up so the short URLs redirect to the real URLs. These short URLs should redirect to the correct canonical URL.



  1. You’re such a computer geek, but that’s why I like you.

  2. I worry about disappearing links in the long term. It effectively destroys someone’s citations.

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