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TxP 4.2

   22 September 2009, early evening

I finally got around to updating the site to TxP 4.2. If anything looks strange, please let me know. (Things that are likely to break: RSS/ATOM feeds.)



  1. I recently set up a private home server purely for web design, and one of the projects I’m working on is an overhaul of my own site. I’m running 4.2.0 on that server, but I’m using a previous version on my own live site, so it’s something I’ll have to updated when I move the development site to the public web. I’ll be following your site for sure, so don’t be shy about sharing your bug reports, advice, grievances, etc.

  2. Update was wonky/scary, as there are all these warning messages that show up the first time you log in. This is apparently expected behaviour though. Beyond that, it’s been good. (Except, I erased the scripts I use to post link-log posts. God damn it. I need to be smarter about updating, and where I put all my modifications.) Anyway, yeah, I’ve had no real issues so far. I need to figure out how to host Shima’s site via one install, since this is the only feature of note that looks interesting.

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