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Textpattern 4.8

    2 April 2020, lunch time

When I first launched this site I really customized quite deeply a lot of the bits and bobs that make Textpattern go. Now, a million years later, I just don’t have the time an energy to do that. Dreamhost upgraded the version of PHP running on the server that hosts this webpage, promptly breaking the version of Textpattern I was running. I sort of expected that to happen. I have upgraded to Textpattern 4.8. I think it’s quite impressive that it seemingly worked without a hitch. This is just stock Textpattern. I’ll hopefully do a better job of keeping it up to date since the upgrade process is so seamless if you aren’t following it up with a bunch of porting random code. Let me know if anything is broken.

Stay safe: there is a pandemic happening.



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