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Funkaoshi: Year 8

   20 November 2012, mid-morning

Today is another anniversary of A Funkaoshi Production. It’s been a while since I’ve called out this blogs “birthday”. The blog is 8 years old now. There are very few things I’ve kept up with for this long. The blog is definitely much more quiet now than several years ago, though I still try and post a link or two everyday. I think the first 2-3 years of the blogs life were its golden age. Whenever I stumble on a post from back then it’s always something enjoyable to read. (Remember when I saw Namugenyi on the street two days in a row!? Yeah, me too!) I suppose there are a couple factors that have contributed to this blog getting quieter over the years. The first is that I surf around on the internet way less than I used to. As the blog has slowly transformed into a lame form of Kottke links became the primary thing I post here, and I do that far less frequently now. The second is that the inane blurbs about my day to day life seem to have migrated from here to Twitter. Stupid Twitter. I need to make posting here easier: that’s a project for 2013.



  1. birthday cake?

  2. damn it, that last comment was clearly me and not Ram. But Internet World, you would already know that based on the comment.

  3. Congrats! Still an amazing site. Here’s to another 8.

    PS I know what you mean about ease of posting. I just rejigged that stuff a little and it’s soooo much better.

  4. What are you using now? I have my bookmarklet for posting links.

    Back when the site was more hacked up, I had this custom PHP script that would be a tiny bit more. But it was probably a big security hole. Hah.

  5. There are three blogs I check every day (Reddit has killed my blog roll), and even though two of them are Daring Fireball and Kottke, I couldn’t consider removing Funkaoshi.

    I still love the epic diamond argument.

  6. That was a pretty great thread. I used to have a page where you could see the most commented on articles. I don’t actually recall what I did with it though. I should have better documented the goings on of the site.

  7. I learned more about javascript and finally customized the bookmarklet so it would work with my site properly. My system before that was all broken down and embarrassing but involved pinboard and then me manually correcting the mistakes that happened. Automatic mistakes!

    How do you want to make it easier to post?

  8. Happy Funkaoshi Anniversary!

    I give you major kudos for keeping this blog up all these years.

    I seriously love blogging, but I find my interneting adventures have gone south since I finished grad school. Even my tweeting has been reduced. It’s so sad. I miss old me.

    I had the greatest intentions by upgrading my moveable type platform, but I haven’t published one article since my webpage revamp.

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