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   5 October 2005, the wee hours

Victor: Hey Ram, did you censor my previously light hearted comment on grenades?

Yes. I also erased three comments from Sunny and Ryan because they were not on topic. I do that sometimes so that there isn’t a lot of noise in the comments. It’s nothing personal. I just thought your comment, following the quote from the story I linked to, didn’t fit. I thought it was too light hearted.

I don’t erase comments often, so I don’t have a real system for saying they are gone, or explaining why. I think I’ve only erased comments here because I thought they were off-topic, or were mean-spirited. (Your comment was off-topic, as were the comments by Ryan and Sunny in another thread here.) Usually if I edit a comment, I will leave a note at the bottom saying what I have changed.

I don’t erase stuff I don’t agree with here. (Need proof? Sunny is the second most frequent commenter here! :) If I’ve removed a comment, it is almost always because I think it takes away from whatever I posted here, or whatever other people have posted in the comments.

Update: Remember Big Brother is still watching. So no crap comments God damn it — unless they are my own.



  1. In this case it wasn’t a big loss, as my comment wasn’t flippant enough to warrant any responses or start a discussion. But sometimes those comments are intended to get things going (which in this case it failed, but sometimes it does work). Looks like you’ve become the “man”, soon you’ll have hippies and minorities coming down on you in askMefi.

  2. Victor, one of the benefits of dating Ram is that your off-topic comments will never be erased (or else, he’ll be hearing about it for days to come!) :P

  3. Control freak.

  4. You know, I’ve never had a big brother. It’s kind of a nice comforting feeling, knowing that you won’t say anything wrong. This is double plus for sure.

  5. Victor, I get what you were trying to do, but I would rather people comment here because what they read was interesting rather than shocking. (Though on many an occasion I post links or comments here that are pretty inflammatory. You can search the site for the word America and find plenty of examples.)

    Shima does get a free pass to comment as she pleases, but she is very pretty so that’s ok.

  6. Ramanan! What’s wrong with you! 8o|

    Victor, It’s not becasue “I’m pretty”. It’s because I can kick his ass!

  7. Sunny is the second most frequent commenter here!

    Watch out Shima! Here I come!

  8. Don’t think I haven’t noticed!

  9. i just can’t wait til Ram snipes one of shima’s comments.

    “no baby, i do love you. you were just putting a bad vibe on the blog. you know what i mean? baby… where you going? vibe! blog! come on! i’m not trying to be reasonable!”

  10. Ram sucks.

  11. What did you just say, Rishi?!

    TAKE IT BACK! I’m the only one allowed to say stuff like that! 8o|

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