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The Upgrade

   25 February 2006, the wee hours

Originally posted Sept 13th 2005: The following currently do not work: Date Based Archives, Section and Category Aware Feeds, Navigation Aids, detailed Recent Comments, better 404 pages, etc. Other than that, I am now — finally — running Textpattern 4.0.1. I’ve been putting off upgrading for far too long. I figured if I just upgraded and broke things, I’d be more inclined to fix them. Please tell me what else is broken!

Update 9:02 pm: Having to click on a link to read the most recent comments is way too annoying. Detailed recent comments should be working again. I’ll release my recent comments tag as a plugin in the coming weeks.

Update 11:07 pm: My install isn’t hack free. To get the link-log to work the way it currently does requires having Textpattern store a little extra information for you. These are the changes I needed to make.

  1. Include section in select criteria of function getNeighbour()
  2. Add parameter $article_num with default value 1 to populateArticleData()
  3. Add variable $article_num to line 609 of doArticles() with an initial value of 0.
  4. When you call populateArticleData() in doArticles(), supply ++$article_num as second parameter.

These values are used by the tags I added to check if the section changes between two adjacent articles on a article listings page. This is how I get the link log to display as a list. I plan to release the code needed in the taghandlers.php file as a plugin in the coming weeks.

Update 11:56 pm: I also would like to fix all the display bugs and quirks on my site. So, please, if you see something that doesn’t look right, post a comment in this thread. To get you started, here are some things that I noticed were incorrect in Internet Explorer. Here is one more display quirk: I notice that in Firefox 1.5 beta 1, my search box doesn’t line up to the bottom of my photograph thumbnail.

Update Sept 22nd: 404 pages should be working as they were before.

Update Nov 7th 2005: Upgraded to 4.0.2. Alex added the article number features I use to make my Link Log, so the only change needed in my source code is to include section in select criteria of function getNeighbour(). I also added a small change so the URL /category/ displays the category list.

Update Feb 24th 2006: I finally upgraded to the latest version of Textpattern, 4.0.3. (I remember when I used to be so cutting edge when it came to all things Textpattern.) If you see anything that seems wrong on the site please post here.

Update Feb 27th 2006: The section and category aware auto-discovery feeds should now be working thanks to a new plugin I wrote.

Update Aug 16th 2007: I’ve upgraded to TxP 4.0.5. I either missed 4.0.4, or forgot to note the upgrade here.

Update Feb 8th 2008: I’ve upgraded to TxP 4.0.6. I’m very interested in moving the site to Chyrp.



  1. The Firefox 1.5b1 bug is mirrored in Camino as well. Looking pretty in Opera as well (too bad I can’t say the same of Opera though).

  2. Opera 8 for Windows: Recent comments look funny; the space between paragraphs is a little bigger, the links on the links page are displayed incorrectly.

  3. Internet Explorer 6 for Windows has the same problems I noticed before, plus: there is no border between comments, the dashed border at the bottom of the page is too short on the left side, the search box is misaligned with the thumbnail (too high).

  4. I’ve upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 This doesn’t mean much, but it does mean you can use a lot more textile in your comments. Please refrain from going to crazy. In particular, a line that starts with bq. should work get turned in to a blockquote:

    Internet Explorer 6 for Windows has the same problems I noticed before, plus: there is no border between comments, the dashed border at the bottom of the page is too short on the left side, the search box is misaligned with the thumbnail (too high).

    Also, and this has been a long time coming, paragraphs in comments are now wrapped in paragraph tags. I hate—hate—using two break tags as fake paragraphs.

  5. How’d you manage the upgrade? I’m still stuck on 4.0 and 4.0.1 because I don’t want to lose all my precious hacks… I wish there was a way t easily upgrade without losing your modifications!

  6. The last time I upgraded I worked to get rid of basically all my hacks. There are no only three ‘hacks’ left in my install of textpattern: I add section to the getNeighbor() function, I change the URL handler so that /category/ gets turned to valid URL, and I added the Posted date as an attribute to $thisarticle. All my other changes were mostly custom tags that used to reside in taghandlers.php. I moved all that stuff into a plugin.

    What sorts of hacks have you made to get your site to do what it does? Your photoblog is really, really good.

  7. There are little hacks scattered all over the place, but the biggest victim has been mary’s upm_img_popper… adding some variables, making it fill custom fields with those and other variables, and some crazy PHP to make my footer properly hang at the bottom of my image (not in the middle, top, or way down below…).

    Another question for ya: Is current.jpg updated manually or “automagically”?

  8. Manually. My Photoblog is run off Movable Type (the old version, though since Shima no longer has a blog, I should probably see about upgrading). I have a macro in Photoshop that resizes the photo to 155×155, and saves it as current.jpg, and then resizes again to 75×75 and saves it as the current file name in a directory called thumbs. The current file name is always the date I plan to post the photo. I then upload the three files myself to my web space. I could automate that last step I think, but it isn’t cumbersome enough I have bothered to do so.

  9. Grats on the upgrade. Everything looks good over here. I too, have been dreading an upgrade over at my site (due to the link-log hacks). Would it be possible to get a .zip file of your textpattern install?

  10. What version of Textpattern are you running at the moment? I’m more than happy to zip up my install, but the changes are very slight now to get things working. You need to use this plugin (which does involve one small change to the source) and add “Section” as one of the values selected in the getNeighbour() function.

    I should update my linked lists in Textpattern article so it reflects what I am actually doing here now.

    And I don’t mind zipping up my install and sending it your way.

  11. I think I am still on 1.0 rc3 :) Haven’t upgraded anything for a looooooong time :)

  12. The root threw up this error, but seems to have been corrected.

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ’?’ in /homepages/25/d89689749/htdocs
    /textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(459) : eval()’d code on line 25
    The above errors were caused by the plugin:rsx_section_conditionals

  13. When I write new plugins or do anything else on this site, I do it live. So, that is where that bug came from, and when I got things working, it went away.

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