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Clackity Clack

   7 August 2008, mid-afternoon

My Unicomp Spacesaver arrived a few minutes ago. I knew it would be loud, but I think I underestimated just how loud it would be. There is a clackity-clack that comes with every key press. Typing out a sentence results in a not so quiet roar of noise. My plan was to use it at work, but i’m worried the noise is going to drive everyone around me nuts: our work space here is pretty quiet. I think this keyboard is a bit too loud. (Well, I know it is too loud, it’s really a question of just how annoying everyone else finds it.) Of course, it feels quite nice to type on. I’ll have to see if people start giving me dirty looks.



  1. You better not even think about bringing it home! I would be so mad! 8o|

  2. I think this keyboard would drive you totally insane. I’m hoping my coworkers don’t notice that it’s way louder then the keyboards they are typing on. (That, or hopefully they think my keyboard has always been this noisy.)

  3. That doesn’t look too ergonomic…if it’s loud enough, maybe you can score a private office?!

  4. It’s not a split keyboard, but it’s still quite nice to type on. You don’t have to bang the keys all the way down for the press to register, and there is good tactile feedback to every key press. I am using the Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard at home, which is really the exact opposite of this keyboard, so at some point I think I will compare and contrast the two.

  5. wow! you are my hero. i have been looking for that keyboard for so long. here are work, we gave up and finally bought those apple aluminum keyboards. it’s not what i wanted, originally, but now i am hooked.

    i still can’t believe these exist!

  6. Don’t care about any of this, but just wanted to say you finally cut your damn hair! And you saw Olivia at a wedding..she’s a retard for calling you by my name..she thought it would be funny, it was not

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