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Smallville Season 6 Begins (For Me)

   6 August 2008, mid-morning

I started watching Smallville Season 6 yesterday. I got through 4 episodes before calling it a day. Season 5 ended with a fair amount of craziness, but this craziness was resolved fairly quickly in the season premiere. The premiere sets up a lot of hopefully interesting subplots for the season. Episode 2 features Erica Durance jogging in a sports bra and short shorts, and Chloes also does some h8×0ring in Episode 3, so they definitely aren’t trying to break new ground in season 6. One of the best parts of the show was Lex’s internal conflict with himself. So far he hasn’t been as one dimensional as he was last season, but he certainly isn’t as interesting a character as he was before. His relationship with Clark is antagonistic now, which is also boring. Luckily there are a couple new characters that have been introduced to the cast that may make things interesting. I’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Till then I can count on Erica Durance to keep me going.



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