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Smallville Season 6

   13 August 2008, evening time

I have to say that I had very few ‘oh my god what am I watching?’ moments as I made my way through Season 6 of Smallville. I’m not sure if my standards have sunk so low for the show, or if it actually was an interesting and entertaining season. I’m going to have to hope for the later, but I think i’m too close to the show to offer any informed opinion. There were a few standout episodes, but I don’t think they reached the highs of the earlier seasons. Lex continues to be the real star of the show in my eyes, and this season the writers seemed to have figured out how to set things up so he’s evil and yet sympathetic. There are a few unresolved plot points at the end of the season that could take his character in a couple directions. The whole Green Arrow subplot was enjoyable, although I suppose it was also cheesy at times. (I guess a show about teenage Superman is going to be cheesy no matter what you do.) The season finale was good, though not as totally insane as those of seasons past. Lots of death and destruction, but it wasn’t as over the top as Season 4 or 5, and not as intense as Season 2. (I liked how they introduced Bizarro Superman at the very end of the show, though.) The take away from all this is that Season 6 is a big step up from the last two seasons. Now I just need to wait for Season 7 to make it to DVD.



  1. You should also watch Big Bang Theory and How I met your mother. Mind you those are both comedies but enjoyable nevertheless. I am going to start Psych and Weeds when the coop term starts. I have heard both of those shows are also good.

  2. I dunno. Big Bang Theory seemed king of dumb — at least the episode I watched. I’m not sure what i’m going to watch next. I think Shima and I will watch Smallville from the beginning since she’s never seen it before.

  3. you’re going to watch every season of smallville AGAIN?

    good god, ram.

  4. I know — it’s crazy. I think the first few seasons are worth watching again. I’m not so sure about Season 4 or 5: at least there is a lot of T&A in those seasons though.

  5. There has never been a good episode, let alone season, of Smallville. What is wrong with you? Is this a cry for help?

  6. Watch Weeds, it’s damn hilarious!

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