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Jack Just Stabbed Himself

   17 January 2007, evening time

Jack Baurer just stabbed himself so it would look like he was injured during an attack. He freaking stabbed himself in the stomach. I love 24.



  1. Damn, now I can’t read your blog anymore…at least until I catch up.

  2. oh man i can’t read this anymore neither. sigh.

  3. This isn’t from this season. I don’t watch 24 on TV. This is from season 4. I don’t think it’s a spoiler, do you? Or are you going to be anticipating a stabbing whenever you see him on the screen now.

  4. Ah okay. And truthfully, I pretty much always anticipate a stabbing whenever he’s on screen.

  5. You need that kind of attitude when you’re watching 24.

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