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Google Reader: RIP

   2 July 2013, early morning

So google.com/reader now sends you to a page letting you know the site has shut down. I knew this was coming, but it still leaves me feeling wistful and let down. Google Reader was so god damn fantastic. I’m curious to see how the competitors that step up to take its place fare. Feedly seems quite nice, and looks to be the early favourite amongst my friends. I’m actually still not sure what i’ll switch to. Right now i’m using Fever once again. Goodbye Google Reader. You will be missed.



  1. Yeah, felt weird to finally close that tab. I’ve gone to Fever too. The only thing bugging me is the refreshing. Cron on textdrive seems to run only when it feels like it, and manually refreshing from the web interface takes a good few minutes. Maybe I should just go down to like five feeds.

  2. http://theoldreader.com/ is pretty similar in terms of functionality and UI, but slower at picking up updates.

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