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How Not to Ask for Money

   25 September 2012, early morning

I’ve been trying to get in touch with you but haven’t heard back.

When I looked at our donor data, I noticed that the last donation you made was during the last election.

Ramanan, what are you waiting for?

Man, fuck you NDP lady. I’ve given the NDP money in a few times now. They seem to think that gives them license to call me all the damn time, never mind the emails. I’ve actually blogged about this before. I don’t know how you can be so tone death and obnoxious with your fund raising efforts. I’ve been waiting years for the success they’ve been having. Is this is what i’ve been waiting for?



  1. I’ve had the same experience with donating to charities. All it did was increase (postal) spam and make me NOT want to donate to them ever again. Not all of them were bad, but definitely some became obnoxious once I’d donated.

  2. A part of me feels like i’m donating to fund their fund raising effort.

  3. I haven’t had that kind of obnoxiousness from the NDP, though I’m always disappointed with organizations that mail out a bunch of crap – especially the environmental and hospital charities.

    To environmentalists, the entire ad-mail process leaves a large environmental footprint. Please spend my money on eradicating these things.

    To hospitals, I don’t need new pens, notepads, mail labels, key chains and sets of Christmas cards. Please spend my money on cancer research instead.

    Sorry for rambling off topic – had to vent.

  4. Agreed. I’m a member/supporter as well, and it’s fucking annoying. But I don’t have any reason to think that other political entities or charities operate any differently, so I just write it off as an ugly part of the game.

    Put it this way, if they didn’t bug people, they certainly wouldn’t be bringing in more money. So I take steps to mitigate the annoyance and live with it.

  5. As you know, I’m right there with you when it comes to the NDP. I think things have gotten a lot worse since they made the decision to contract out. I’m fairly sure that’s when all the recorded messaging started, for example.

    I’ve asked several times to be taken off their call list, and I’m still on it, so that’s it for donations for now.

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