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Kiev 35

   16 October 2004, the wee hours

My Kiev 35 arrived with little fanfare a few weeks back. After a few missteps I finally got to try it out last Sunday; I moved a few things into my new apartment, and was going to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with Shima. We began by heading down to Queen West, in search of some Pumas. Shima had little luck finding anything she wanted or that was in her size. We continued further west in search of furniture shops. They have a few nice places around Bathurst and Queen, though most of the stores sold stuff I simply couldn’t afford.

I documented the whole outing with my new camera, who’s electric shutter didn’t inspire much confidence in me. My parents and Shima both laughed at my camera because it seems so broken. Even I had my doubts it was working. However, I am glad to say that the pictures came out quite nice. You can see them at my flickr home page. I’ve created a set of the photos. Flickr is probably the best photo album site on the internet, hands down. I’ll probably fill up We Must Abuse The Broadband with a few of my favourites from the roll. I got two great pictures of Shima, and some other interesting shots that day.



  1. film camera have that mystic of you don’t know what kind of pictures you’ll get when developing a roll a film. you might accidently get a shot that’s worthly for competition, or you might get a shot that makes you look spectacular thin, or hot, or fat and nasty. you never know, its the anticipation. its like a lottery, you know the odds are you’re not gonna get anything, but you play because of that .000001%. the carribana pic of that girl looking aimlessly is one for the books

  2. I’m glad your camera works! I’m not so glad you’ve put all your pictures online! 8o|

  3. Well said Simon. I think there is a charm to film that you just don’t get with a digital camera. I think anticipation is part o the fun of taking shots on film.

  4. Well, the light meter seems to have been the first thing to go on my camera. At leas the bar that indicates what the shutter speed will be. The camera is exposing film at what seems to me to be correct times.

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