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LOST Season 6

   24 May 2010, lunch time

I suspect the series finale might be a bit contentious. Certainly season 6 was much weaker than those that proceeded it. Still, I have to say i’m in the, “Oh hells yes,” camp when it comes to the show and that finale. The last couple shots were great. Every time a character remembered their actual life you were reminded once again of how awesome the show was. The finale makes you want to watch the show all over again. It’s strange to read my thoughts on the show back in 2005, a little while after it had started. (And season 2, 3, 4, and 5.) Lost is certainly one of the best shows ever made.

Update: FYI: I actually hate Season 6, now that I think back on it now.



  1. I agree. Most people like their mysteries with answers, which is why they are mad they didn’t get an ordered list of explanations. But I think anyone who liked the show for what it was, and not what they wanted it to be, has to be happy with the way it went out.

    Not saying it was perfect, but it was extremely powerful TV that left you thinking, which is what the show has been at its best.

    I think a lot of sci-fi fans were disappointed that the conclusion wasn’t more sci-fi, since it spent the entire fifth season in that mode. I can understand that. I also think people are rushing to conclusions about what the last ten minutes signified. The fun part for me has been mulling shit over afterwards, and I’m happy that the end of the show left room for that.

  2. The more I think about the episode, the most I like it. It was a nice conclusion to the show and it’s characters. The big complaint though is that the conclusion answers mysteries they introduced in Season 6. It concludes the season, but doesn’t seem to say too much about the series as a whole. It felt a bit too independent of everything. Still, I am glad they didn’t fall over themselves trying too hard to answer all the strangeness we’ve witnessed over the past 6 seasons. I think Battlestar Galactica’s finale was a let down because their answers were just so shitty compared to what had come prior.

  3. Hmm, oddly enough I’m sort of going the other way. The more I think about it the more I think they may have botched this season a little. Why so much time in the temple? Why was the Desmond ep, in which the sideways story actually got some momentum, so late in the season (11th episode)? To say nothing of past season’s mysteries that, being completely unresolved, you have to assume they had no resolution for. The one I keep coming back to is Michael in season 4 trying to kill himself but “the island won’t let you die.” How?

  4. There is a video on College Humour about all the things they didn’t answer on Lost. There are lots of things they simply ignored.

    And yeah, my cousin made the same critique of this season. Why introduce all these characters just to kill them (Samurai Man, Tina Fey, etc)? I’m guessing they didn’t really settle on the conclusion they picked till late in the season. The side ways world really could have been a whole time travel realm of time travel goodness right up until the last few episodes. The first chunk of the season was very meandering. I think Season 6 was weak compared the previous seasons, but I really liked the finale. There is just so much good stuff in that episode, even if it doesn’t resolving things neatly. All it was missing was every single Black dude on the show.

  5. I found the finale to be largely disappointing given all that had come before it. It almost seems like the finale of some alternate version of Lost rather than the one we actually watched.

  6. Shit, good find.

  7. That explanation link says this:

    But, from a more “behind the scenes” note: the reason Ben’s not in the church, and the reason no one is in the church but for Season 1 people is because they wrote the ending to the show after writing the pilot.

    Desmond and Penny were in the church but they weren’t in Season 1.

  8. Also Libby and Juliet.

  9. Juliet is really hot, so that’s probably why she made the cut. (I guess Penny, Juliet, and Libby are all significant others of people on the Island, too.)

  10. Good find by Angry Robot: A Disappointed Fan Is Still a Fan.

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