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Oh My God! The Future Belongs to Islam!

   29 November 2007, early morning

If some Muslims have their way, it will soon be illegal to say Muslim immigration is bad for the West. 9-11 be damned.

Michael apparently still holds onto the notion that too much immigration into the US is what caused 9/11. If you are ever so unlucky as to read through an articles on Vdare you will find that a lot of people think immigration policy is the root cause of all the ills in the West. If you suffer with high taxes you can blame immigration. Unemployed? Blame immigration. High blood pressure? You’re worrying about immigration too much. Can’t get all the stars in Super Mario DS? That sounds like an immigration issue to me. No date to the prom? Damn those sexy immigrant boys and girls. And 9/11? Well that is obviously an immigration issue: if the attackers weren’t here how could they fly planes into the Twin Towers? (You know, because planes from abroad never ever enter the US.) You may also recall that for similar reasons immigration was the root cause of the Virginia Tech massacre.

Michael is upset with the Canadian Islamic Congress who are upset with Mark Steyn. Steyn wrote an article MacLeans, The Future Belongs to Islam, they have issues with. A part of me likes reading articles like The Future Belongs to Islam just to sit in awe of the ignorance and arrogance it takes to write something like that. Some people really need to read A Discourse on Colonialism.

Steyn and his ilk look at the Middle East and see a place where people hate the West because they apparently have nothing better to hate on. For people like him there is no history or context to anything. Steyn mentions, “in the same three decades as Ulster’s ‘Troubles,’ the hitherto moderate Muslim populations of south Asia were radicalized by a politicized form of Islam,” but doesn’t stop to consider why that may be. When did the US decide that propping up a regime in Saudi Arabia was a good idea? When did they decide that maybe Eygpt wasn’t so bad after all? (Wait: who was flying those planes again?) And was it really Islam that radicalized them? I imagine if you are young and your life is shit it won’t take an Imam to make you angry. So yeah, I don’t think Steyn’s article is exceptional or interesting or even well thought out. It rehashes arguments bandied about all the time: it’s all demographics and “oh-no what will White people do?”.

Now I can see why Muslims would find the article offensive, as apparently Muslims are the future architects of the destruction of civilization as we know it. At the very least Steyn acknowledges half-assedly that not all Muslims are terrorists. I’m sure the Human Rights commission will give him points for that.



  1. Doh — I mixed the Muslim Canadian Congress (which is very moderate and tepid) with the Canadian Islamic Congress, which I really don’t know much about. Though, reading their recommendations for Canadian media they must be crazy. (Well, no. And that who report is pretty interesting.)

    Also, Steyn was a big proponent of the war in Iraq — and thinks people concerned about the environment are "eco-chondriacs":http://newsbusters.org/node/10607; it’s probably safe to operate under the assumption he’s a dumb ass.

  2. true the future belongs to islam….islam zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!americans will never be the best the muslims can rule them out if they want…but they wont bcz they all know that america will go down in 2020.true.

  3. did your imam tell you so??????

  4. Just out of curiosity~

    If people so caught up from their religion and some of their interpretation in faith go against or harm general public’s interests, then why do they even bother move into a countries that consists opposite ideology from their own?

    Wouldn’t their old nations suit them better?

    Perhaps, the immigration bureau should give a little survey to the potential applicants on whether they agree its country’s constitution, fundamental principle and mostly importantly, its definition for religion (the term “religion” is such an ambiguous term.)

  5. hey. im a muslim and i do to believe that one day muslims are going to take over America. no offence but people tend to steriotype muslims. They believe that all muslims are terrorists, sexist and so on but how can one be so sure of all of this because one person told them so. i am a female and my father and my husband treated me the same as they had treated my brothers. islam is a beautiful religion and in the quran it states that one who kills a person is like they have killed every being and they cann’t enter paradice. islam is truly beautiful and for all the people that are reading my comment i suggest that they read about islam and read the quran and i will asure you that soon you will understand exactly what i mean.

  6. reply to ramanan

    you are right

    my imam teach me don’t abuse anyone or anyone’s religion

    yes my imam teach me don’t abuse to anyone in the name of freedom of speech

    ramanan ,surely you don’t belong to any religion

    there is no any religion who teaches to abuse

    yes my imam teach me you all people are equal weather he is black or white,rich or poor,indian or american or pakistani

    the best person who believe in ONE ISHWER (ALLAH,GOD)and obey HIS commandments

    yes my imam teach me

    may ISHWER (ALLAH,GOD) give you hidaya (understanding)

  7. in the name of ALLAH most gracious most mercifull

    ikkam brahmma ditiye naste

    nehna naste naste kinchan


    Say there is ONE ALLAH (GOD,ISHWER)
    HE is absolute eternal
    HE begets not not HE begotten
    There is nothing like him

  8. Christianity is the truth!
    muslims are in for a seriously big shock when they die and go to hell!
    dont say you werent warned, its your destiny to seek the truth!
    The quran is full of hatred towards the white man and there is much more proof for christianity than there is islam!, all you have to do is read the bible to seek the truth.

  9. More proof? Tell me more!?

  10. I’m glad you keep the comments open on post like these. They’re a source of amusement for me!

    O.M.G. I’m going to hell. :s

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