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Quantum of Solace

   27 November 2008, early morning

I watched James Bond last night with Dave, Sarah, and Limin. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film, so I really have no idea what all the mixed reviews are about. If you enjoyed the first film, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy the second. The movie takes place more or less immediately after the first film. In this movie, Bond is trying to figure out what shadowy organization his former lover was indebted to, and trying to track down her killers. Bond kills a crap load of people, has some sex, and blows a bunch of shit up. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. Seriously, this movie was good. Ignore all the haterade.

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  1. for once, i completely disagree with your movie review. This movie was the Bourne Identity with the the james bond story and characters. Bond is not supposed to be all fast-paced action. You have to review this film in the greater context of the Bond series, not as a stand alone action film.

  2. Since Casino Royale was actually the beginning of James Bond becoming a 00 and Quantum of Solace being directly after, Bond is still pretty rough around the edges and not as smooth and clean as he has been in previous bond movies (which base teh character as an experienced agent), so being fast paced is understandable.

    I enjoyed this one, although I would say Casino Royale was a bit better. I like Daniel Craig as Bond.

  3. well i like the new bourne..er bond. i like where daniel craig is taking this and i want more. but there is a need for better villains. i like how they paid homage to ‘goldfinger’ with the gemma arterton death bed scene. bond had some really good lines but M still got the best ones. thoroughly enjoyable!

  4. I liked it..I mean Casino Royale was much better but this was still a good Bond film…..and plus Olga Kurleyenko is HOT

  5. Juan, I get what you’re saying, but I still think it works as a Bond film. There is are the gadgets, the mystery, the sex, the banter, etc. It just also happened to have some crazy jittery action sequences. And Daniel Craig’s take on Bond is excellent.

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