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Google Likes Me.

   24 March 2005, late at night

Search for anything thing I’ve written about in Google, but tack “Blog” to the end of your search string. As of today, my site is the number one hit for lots of things I would never expect—for example: Magneta Lane Blog, Esthero Blog, Ivana Santilli Blog, Drake Hotel Blog, Mitsou Blog, Korean Man Blog, Memory Allocation Blog, Dark Sun Blog. I’m the number 3 hit for Swades Blog, and I wrote about Swades yesterday. I’m the number 5 hit for Supermaket Blog. Mind you, a lot of the crap I write about other people simply don’t. Searching for Mac Mini Blog you won’t see me, as I imagine other blogs, real, popular blogs, wrote about the Mini. (I am on the 4th page.)

I wonder if google is trying to make me feel better by returning my page as the number one hit whenever I search for anything.

I should also mention my site is the number one hit for Bukkake Blog—please don’t search for Bukkake at work.

Update Oct 24th 2005: Google’s love affair with my site seems to have ended.



  1. I don’t know about Google sometimes. I was searching for something one day and I chose the third link in the search results. When I searched for it again a few minutes later the link I had clicked came up as the first hit. I thought that was pretty strange so I went to a coworker’s computer and searched for the same thing and the link I had clicked came up third again.

    Does Google track your searching preferences? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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